Mechanical and electrical building services

West Mead Partnership can provide the following services, individually or within a group of services to suit all project requirements. West Mead Partnership can advise Clients of the most suitable grouping of services to provide the most economical design arrangements.

Arrangements for the new build, refurbishment, shell & core and fit-out all lead to slightly different specification procedures.

New build developments will require co-ordination of the incoming utility connections, sized for flexibility but not oversized and creating a cost penalty.

Refurbishment projects will include a limited amount of strip out and, especially in occupied or part-occupied buildings, a degree of temporary services connection to maintain system operations.

Shell & core developments shall require assistance in the development of the landlords guide for tenants and the potential review of fit-out proposals and determination in accordance with a licence to alter, while fit-out will carry out the design and submission of information for landlord approval.

Design Elements

System Design

Undertaking briefings from the Client and design team members and the production of specifications and drawings for Building services engineering and or Structural Engineering. We are able to provide all standard mechanical, electrical and public health services installation designs for any type of building, including audio-visual, CCTV, intruder detection, communication and data networks. Also with the ability to provide a complete Structural Design to suit the architectural constraints of the building.

In addition we are able to provide performance specifications for fixed fire protection services and for lift installations. Design appointments can include any of the following stages; concept, outline design, detail design, specification design and/or construction stage design duties.

Understanding building operation

Undertaking briefings from the Client will assist in obtaining information relating to the operation of the building, including the operation of landlord and tenant services, plus the flexibility for operations outside of the normal operating periods will allow for the development of the correct design strategy.

Feasibility Studies

Undertaking feasibility studies for the installation of Structure and or Building services engineering equipment and/or systems prior to the commencement of principle design. These studies allow the Client to assess the suitability of a design, prior to committing to a particular design solution.

Infrastructure co-ordination

In multiple tenanted developments, the arrangement of the utility services to each demise boundary will be crucial to the operation of the project and West Mead Partnership are able to provide co-ordinated services routes for application by the utility companies to determine service routes and way leaves.

Design Management

Where Clients elect to use a design and build contract West Mead Partnership can provide a performance specification to ensure the Clients requirements are clearly set out, in engineering terms for the Contractors design team. Advice is provided in assessing the Contractor’s design proposals and to ensure the Contractors installation is a direct implementation of the design, meeting the intent of the performance specification.

Building Control and Regulations Compliance

Carrying out reviews for compliance with current Building Regulations outlined in applicable Approved Documents and managing the responses from local Building Control officers or approved assessors. This service is inherent in the design process when West Mead Partnership carry out primary design functions.

Environmental and Sustainability Solutions

Carrying out reviews of equipment and system options in respect of Low CO2 emissions and/or use of sustainable energy sources, the Client receives a report including recommendations for further action.

Code for Sustainable Homes ECO Assessments

Where relevant, West Mead Partnership can provide advice on compliance with appropriate codes and reviewing third party proposals. The Client receives a report including recommendations.

BREEAM and LEED Assessments

West Mead Partnership can provide advice in respect of compliance with the appropriate scheme. Overall assessment is carried out by a West Mead Partnership and an organisation that hold formal assessor registration issued by BRE. LEED Assessors do not require accreditation in the UK but West Mead Partnership endeavour to appoint assessors who can submit a scheme via the US or UK Green Building Councils. Building services engineering contributions are dealt with directly by West Mead Partnership. The interface of the assessor and design team is managed by West Mead Partnership.

Survey Elements

Condition Surveys

These surveys which are usually non-intrusive to assess the operation of equipment that may not be operating effectively due to any number of factors, including economic life, condition, maintenance, etc, While also undertaking condition surveys of the existing structure of the building. These reports are based on physical inspection, desktop research and in some instance the management of other specialist contractors or manufacturers. The Client receives a report generally including recommendations for further action, budget costs, etc.

Pre-Acquisition or Disposal Reports

Similar to Condition Surveys, they are designed for use as part of the Client’s negotiations with building owners or letting agents. These reports would include a forecast of anticipated capital expenditure which would be used to assist in the decision process.

Due Diligence Reports

A Condition Surveys that will identify any defects on a building and would normally be carried out as part of the pre-acquisition or disposal surveys.

Dilapidations Reports

Acting on behalf of the tenant or landlord at the end, or approaching the end, of a lease period to assess the impact of the occupation on the potential return to base-build condition, which would include a review of the lease terms and conditions, the licences to alter, the condition and maintenance of the installed services and the potential for re-use.

Energy Surveys and Assessments

Carrying out an inspection of existing installations in respect of energy use and proposing solutions for improving efficiency if applicable, the Client receives a report including recommendations for further action. These would also include proposals for monitoring and improving the energy efficiency of the systems.

Asset Inspections

Carrying out inspection of existing equipment to update or create an asset register for Building services engineering equipment and/or systems. The inspections can include asset label attachment, the generation of an asset register or downloading to a Client’s existing asset register.

Site Duties

Installation Management

Carrying out regular inspections of the installation to assess the quality of installation and compliance with the specified quality requirements. Snagging reports are produced after each inspection and will monitor the Contractors response and progress in carrying out remedial works. These inspections also check compliance with the design intent of the specification and drawings.

Expenditure Planning

West Mead will carry out a review of assets listed on a register against the physical condition of the plant installed and prioritise the items of equipment based on age and condition which shall provide the Client with an expenditure planning list.

Optional Duties

Commissioning Management

West Mead Partnership can provide commissioning management and work with a selected Commissioning specialist, or propose an independent specialist. We would manage the Commissioning specialist’s visits, witness commissioned values (percentage of results agreed when instructed) and collate all the commissioning data and test certificates. The Client receives a report including recommendations for further action.

3D Building Simulation Modelling

Where detailed calculations are required to determine dynamic thermal response of buildings and the engineering services, West Mead Partnership can carry out this work with sophisticated computer programs. Similarly if detailed dynamic airflow and temperature calculations are required, specialists using CFD computer simulation programs are undertaken.

Maintenance Management and Supervision

Provision of advice and reports for maintenance of equipment and the management of maintenance providers or as embedded advisors within existing Client maintenance teams. This service can be combined with condition survey’s and asset inspections to provide overall condition management of existing systems.

Maintenance Schedules

Carrying out inspection of existing equipment to update or create an asset register for Building services engineering equipment and/or systems. The inspections include a recommended maintenance schedule for works to be carried out over a maximum ten year period.

Apportionment of Buildings

Under multiple tenant occupied premises West Mead will provide documented information for the Landlord of each tenants usage of utilities based on meter readings to allow accurate billing.

Gap Analysis

Carrying out reviews of the building load for electricity, water, gas and back up systems supplies and comparing these against building usage to provide a report indicating the difference.

Operating and Maintenance manual authoring.

Undertaking the full authoring of Mechanical and Electrical O and M manuals in either a provided format or in our own company standard format.

CAD Draughting

Carrying out drawing services for Mechanical, Electrical and Public

Team Work

Here at West Mead Partnership we like to stand out from the Mechanical and Electrical Building Services crowd and offer a unique service. Team Work Vital to West Mead.

Team Work not just within our own office, but with the professional design team, contractor and client is imperative to achieve the best results from our projects. With Project workshops always suggested so we can build on our working relationship and understand everyone's vision.